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Caravan, lodge, and holdiday homes require specialist fitters especially if youre installing uPVC or Composite decking. You need to check th efire regulations on your park/site as they may not allow wooden/timber frames which will mean using an aluminium frame instead. For more advice - get in touch with us.

Here are some good reasons why skirting systems, and solid decking solutions can help to improve the look and feel of a holiday park property.

  • Decking significantly enhances the aesthetics of your caravan or lodge immediately and may also add value to its utility. Depending on your choice of material and colour it can help to create the look you want: luxurious, classical or even contemporary styles as you require.
  • Choosing to install decking will help your holiday properties feel more ‘comfortable’ and can transform even the most modest holiday home.
  • There are many significant benefits in installing skirting too. Solid, impenetrable decking and skirting will help to insulate your property for years to come. Skirting also helps reduce the risk of heat escaping during the colder months and enhances insulation especially reducing the risk of freezing water pipes during the colder seasons. Skirting and decking will help to keep your pipes warm, so there is a reduced risk of this occurring in the first instance.
  • Quality installed Decking will not just create visual value but increase the financial value to your property. This is certainly worth keeping in mind if you would like to sell your holiday caravan in time to come.
  • There is also added security in installing decking and skirting for your holiday property. Without a perimeter, your static caravan or lodge may be at risk of criminal damage or potential intrusion, particularly from underneath. Installing a solid decking and skirting helps this issue.
  • To find a suitable fitter or to discuss materials – feel free to contact us

    Finding the right materials and installer should not be hard work - let us help.

    That's why we at Decking-wise have created this simple to use directory to help you the customer find the right installer/fitter. Decking can be a complicated decison: uPVC, Composite, Wood are all options available to you. But which one should you choose? By creating a directory which helps you find the right fitter/installer and manufacturer hopefully you have all the information you need in one place.

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